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CINDAS Training Materials: ASMD

Descriptions, videos and user guides
Aerospace Structural Metals Database, ASMD

The go-to source for for high performance alloy materials properties.

Content in ASMD

The Aerospace Structural Metals Database (ASMD), the industry benchmark for materials properties of high strength, light weight alloys.

  • 91,800 data curves on materials properties
  • 257 alloys used in the aerospace, power generation, defense, research, and academic sectors. 
  • Interactive graphing features
  • Updated and expanded continually with carefully selected alloys

Web-based version of the highly respected and widely used Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook (ASMH) developed by the United States Air Force and NASA.

Product Updates


How to Use Graphing Tools

‚ÄčDatabase graphing features:

  • Hovering cursor will show x and y values of each data point on the graph, in the color of the graph.
  • All of the actual test data is still shown using the Show Text option.
  • Zoom feature expands the scale of the graph instantly. To zoom into the graph, click and drag a box around the data points to see in more detail. The graph will automatically adjust the axis values. This feature may be used multiple times to expand the same area of the graph. To return to the original graph, click Reset Zoom.
  • Export to printer, JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. Icons on graph display, allow user to save/export the graph to various programs.
  • Change Units feature placed next to the property and can be changed prior to viewing graph.
  • Expanded HELP section to explain new features.
  • Question marks (?) for immediate help with material and curve selection instructions.

Sample pages

Examples of technical data included within each alloy's PDF chapter: