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CINDAS Training Materials: DTDH

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Damage Tolerant Design Handbook, DTDH

Damage tolerant design data to differentiate between 4 more and 1 more successful cycles 

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Content in DTDH

The Damage Tolerant Design Handbook (DTDH) is a comprehensive compilation of fracture and crack growth data for high strength alloys.

Includes mechanical property data that are useful for damage tolerant design and analysis.

  • Each alloy section contains a data summary, fracture toughness data, and crack growth resistance data.
  • Fracture toughness, crack growth, R-curve, sustained load, and threshold data are for alloy and stainless steels, nickel based super alloys, titanium alloys, and aluminum alloys.
  • Five-volume, 3600 page set was compiled by the Materials Directorate of Wright Patterson Air Force Base
  • Available online in searchable PDF format.

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